"pisubelidan tu kamu ni misaungayay sapimatatengil:Vickylin77amis" misumad laeday sasizuma

nayi’ mikawaway-kalumyiti nu pecu’ nu lacul
:In these two days, we try to use visual editor, but it seems not working.
:We really appreciate language committee's help very much, especially you, [[USER:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] and [[user:Amire80|Amire80]]. You guys helped us a lot! Sakizaya Wikipedia case will encourage other ethnic group in Taiwan. We hope other indigenous language contributors can join Wikipedia project more actively. Thanks again!! [[misaungayay:Vickylin77amis|Vickylin77amis]] ([[pisubelidan tu kamu ni misaungayay sapimatatengil:Vickylin77amis| sasukamu ]]) 2019年11月25日 (sakacacay a demied nu lipay) 09:57 (CST)
::No problem, you're welcome. And yes, there is usually a delay for a few days before Visual Editor and some other tools become available, because it takes some time to do the technical setup. But within this week, it should be available for you! [[misaungayay:Jon Harald Søby|Jon Harald Søby]] ([[pisubelidan tu kamu ni misaungayay sapimatatengil:Jon Harald Søby| sasukamu ]]) 2019年11月25日 (sakacacay a demied nu lipay) 18:38 (CST)